Zero trust, one keystroke at a time

Neutralize spear phishing. Without friction. 


Keystrike attests that the input was physically typed on employee’s workstation.

Keystrike controls the impact of  phishing. spear phishing. ransomware. supply chain attacks.

1. If a hacker strikes during an active 2FA/MFA session, end-point-security cannot tell if commands are legit or impersonated

2. Keystrike signs every command with cryptographic signatures, making sure all keystrokes and clicks are authenticated

3. The servers are able to look at the signature and recognize if it came from the legitimate employee

4. Keystrike raises an alarm to all unsigned commands and stops hacker’s lateral movement

How is Keystrike different?

Keystrike guarantees that commands received by remote systems were physically typed on the employee workstation — providing continuous authentication, enhanced security and compliance with frictionless user experience.

Phishing resistant
Spear phishing resistant
Blocks lateral movement

“What would terrify me as a hacker is being trapped on someone’s workstation, unable to sneak into the next host.“

Ymir Vigfusson, PhD

Co-founder, inventor and professor

Cryptographically attest every keystroke

Continuous, frictionless authentication

Alerts you the moment a hacker moves laterally. Attesting each keystroke allows us to recognize unwanted movement even before hackers strike the next server.

Keystrike seamlessly signs and verifies every human-made interaction without keylogging. Also works with existing cybersecurity solutions already in place.

Safeguard your systems, even when employees inevitably click on a rogue link. When the breach happens it won’t spread past the infected computer.

Keystrike steps in where 2FA/MFA and end-point-security fall short. If a hacker strikes during an active 2FA/MFA session, end-point-security cannot tell if commands are coming from illegitimate workstation.

Who can benefit from Keystrike?

CISOs looking to protect against spear phishing and ransomware, counter MFA fatigue, or to add a layer of protection around sensitive systems.
Security teams looking for a solution to protect their systems that have not been designed with cybersecurity in mind.
Management responsible for ensuring the organization is secure and the business continuity and reputation are not damaged due to a cyberattack.

Built for at-risk industries

Banks and insurance companies

Energy companies and utilities
Power grid and critical infrastructure
Pharma and healthcare
Legal and tax consultancy
Commercial aerospace
Military and government

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Make it work for you

Remote desktop, jumpboxes and SSH

The Keystrike agent on the client seamlessly works with the Keystrike terminator on the server side automatically attesting all issued commands.

Continuous authentication for SaaS

By simply creating a proxy with the Keystrike terminator you create a tunnel which only forwards attested requests.

Attest who wrote what & when on your website

Make an API call from the website with the Keystrike client installed. The server with the Keystrike terminator automatically attests all of your requests.

Any input device

The Keystrike technology goes beyond regular keyboards, attesting all input devices such as touch screens, mouse-clicks, and virtual keyboards