About us

Our core values

We strive for excellence

    • We work to attract, develop, foster, and retain the best talent for our business

    • We expect and deliver high performance by setting and achieving ambitious goals

    • We believe we all individually win when the company succeeds.

    • We are accountable, share responsibilities, and take ownership.

 We are innovative

    • We are pioneers in the space of cybersecurity, and unafraid of breaking the mold.
    • From our academic roots, we grow research and collaboration, both internally and externally.
    • We make decisive choices and anticipate changes when planning for the future.

We act with empathy and integrity 

    • We say what we mean and take responsibility for our actions.
    • We are open, transparent, and honest; we keep our promises.
    • We believe business works best when it acts in the service of society.

We believe that the customer is our cornerstone

    • We empower our customers by simplifying and securing their lives and livelihood.
    • We advance our shared belief that everyone deserves genuine and easy security.

We respect and support one another

    • We know differing perspectives spur innovation and forge stronger connections.
    • We foster a collaborative, open, and supportive environment while welcoming challenges.
    • We believe all of us should be seen, heard, valued, and empowered to succeed.
    • We are humble, trustworthy, honest, and direct; we show respect for our colleagues.
    • We seek diverse opinions, backgrounds, and experiences.

We are playful and balanced

    • We are constantly curious, tenacious tinkerers, and we love to have fun!
    • We maintain a healthy work-life balance and treasure our whole lives. It takes a village…!